Happy 10th Birthday Bitey Bear!

Dear Bite,

Happy 10th birthday, my boy! Time sure flies. You've brought so much joy to our lives. Although there were times when you were such a brat. Remember when you wouldn't let go of that tiny mouse you caught? Ewww. 

You are our "early warning device." You always kept watch whenever someone in the house is sick. You knew when Poppa bear was about to have a seizure. You'd sniff his feet and bark so loudly. You were worried sick when you didn't see him for days when he was confined in the hospital. You cried a lot when you couldn't get inside Mickey's room when he was in isolation for Covid. You slept outside his door begging to come inside. 

You're not as frisky as you were when you were young. Your vision is not that good anymore. But you are still our Bitey Bear. Cuddly, chubby and very affectionate. I wish you'd get more exercise, but lately all you want is to eat and sleep. That's okay though. Do whatever makes you happy. 

Love you so much,

Momma Bear


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