25th of 365_2023: 58 Years Ago

Today marks the 58th wedding anniversary of my parents. Sad to say that they are no longer with us today. Daddy passed away in 1992 when he was only 58. Lung cancer took him away from us. Mama passed in 2019. She was 80. 

I miss my parents. I had no idea having living life (even as an adult) without my parents would be this tough. My dad was a man of a few words. He was not that affectionate but I knew in my heart that he loved us. He was not just vocal and showy. Mama was my best bud. We had long talks about anything - from politics to soap operas to just about daily neighborhood gossip. When she died, I took it very hard. I no longer had anyone I could talk to. I miss going to her house for a cup of coffee and our daily "have you heard about...." talks. Mama died of cancer too, she had Breast cancer. Fought it for 2 years and lost. 

My parents on their wedding day, January 25, 1964

I know I should be happy for them that they are now together, free of pain and being in the loving arms of God. My only wish is that they continue to watch over us just like they did when they were alive. 

Daddy, Mama, I miss you guys so much. I still talk to you and I hope you hear me. Am I living my life right? Am I making you proud? So many questions. Much advice needed. Please let me know, even in a dream.  

I love you guys. Till we meet again. 

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