137th of 365_2023: The Pencil


This morning, over breakfast, my 7 year old grandson said:

"Do you know why I am scared to lose my pencil, Mama?

Because if I lose my pencil, then I cannot answer the test

If I cannot answer the test, I will have a bad grade

If I get a bad grade, I won't graduate

If I don't graduate, I won't have a diploma

Then no diploma means I cannot find work

No work means no money

No money means I won't be able to get a girlfriend

No girlfriend so that means no wife

No wife, no children

Then I will be all alone.

And sad

And sadness becomes depression

Too much depression will make me sick

And when I get really sick, I will die

So I really take care not to lose my pencil.

So there, Mama. Now you know why I am scared to lose my pencil."

I have no idea where he got this kind of logic. It left me speechless. 

This kid is an old soul trapped in a child's body. Seriously. 

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