To my brother on his 45th birthday

Hey Jesse,

Happy 45th birthday! Can't wrap my head on the thought that my youngest brother is now 44 years old. I wish you have a good day, but most of all, I wish I could talk to you again.

It has been 3 years since you stopped speaking to us - to me and to your other sisters. You made some life choices, which was not even possible if Mama was still alive. The house that Mama loved so much is now a mess, after you and your girlfriend adopted so many stray cats and let them live inside the house. You drove Heidee and Bianca away because they could not stand the stink anymore. You even had a big fight when you thought that Heidee kept your cat in her room. How could she even do that when she hates cats?

On Christmas of 2019, I greeted you "Merry Christmas" and you did not even acknowledge. Not even a nod. You know how much hurt that caused me? I wasn't waiting for a gift or anything. I just wanted to greet you. :(

l tried to reach out to you one time. We don't have Mama and Daddy anymore, and being the eldest child, I wanted to find a way so that we can patch things up and stay together peacefully as a family. But you ignored me. What made you so angry? I want to know.

Now I learned that your girlfriend left you and that you are now all alone in the house. It must have felt like crap celebrating your birthday alone. I know how that feels. That happened to me three times in my life. 

There must be a really deep issue for your anger. Please, if you still consider us family, let me know what is bugging you. I want to help. I know it is you and Heidee who have disagreements, but as I said, being the eldest, I want to see you and Heidee make peace with each other.

You are my only brother and believe me, I care for you and your well being. Reach out to me when you are ready to talk. I am just one street away from you. 

Happy birthday, bro. 


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